Grades 5-8  Have a great rubber band innovation in art, leisure, science or technology? You can win up to $2,000 Savings Bond.  Deadline is March 16, 2015. Check out the rubber band contest hosted by Akron Global Polymer Academy of the University Akron at   The website has complete rules and last year’s winners. Or go to Revere Schools website at Fly”R” Central for more information.

2014 TARC team loses battle with weather!

Team members Mark Oleson, Sonny Kim, Ian Kausch, Ben Tipton, Ramon Pardo, Troy Pierson, and Matt Brandt worked hard on the TARC rocket challenge but the unpredictable weather made consistent flying hard to do.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Ed Kuchar who allowed us to launch on his property!!












UPDATES for the 2013-2014 school year

 Revere Community STEM Parent Association

Extracurricular Activities

TARC team is up and running.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Ed Kuchar for giving us permission to launch our rocket on his property.

Bath Builders Club is offered again at Bath Elementary School. For the 4th year, teacher/volunteer Sandy Kahoe offered two after school Building Sessions at Bath Elementary School.  There were lots of LEGOs and K’Nex to engage the hands and mind. There were building challenges, free build times, and hands-on learning and fun.

Want to start a STEM activity that involves your child? Check out this website link for a variety of organized events for k-12 age students. 

Looking for donations of gently used LEGO® or K’NEX building toys.   Bath Elementary School is forming a “Building Club” where Kids will be given a challenge to solve using LEGO® or K’NEX building materials. The kids will use their creativity to build a solution, and then share their solutions with the group. RCSPA is a tax exempt 501(c)3 corporation. Donations are tax deductible.  Donations can be dropped off at the main office in Bath Elementary school.  If you have any questions please contact, Mrs. Sandy Kahoe at


L-R: Mark Oleson, Zac Wilson, Isaac Brandt, Ben Tipton, Chris Brandt. Not pictured : Sonny Kim.


Team America Rocketry Challenge

Revere Community STEM Parent Association (RCSPA) is proud to announce the results of our first team to compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC)  Approximately 7,000 students from across the nation compete in TARC each year.  Teams design, build and fly a model rocket that reaches a specific altitude and duration determined by a set of rules developed each year.   The top 100 teams go on to compete in White Plains, VA.  This was RCSPA’s first year to have a team participating in the contest.  The team, appropriately named “Minutemen”, was made up of Junior and Team Captain Chris Brandt, Junior Zac Wilson, Sophomore Isaac Brandt, Freshman Mark Oleson, 8th grader Sonny Kim and 7th grader Ben Tipton and coached by Scott Tipton with help from Steve Oleson and mentored by Jack Koslen of Solon.  Nationwide, 735 teams participated.  The Minutemen were the 18th alternate team finishing just 2 points short of participating in Virginia.

DONATED: This spring (2011)  RCSPA donated 2 sets of native butterfly garden plants to 2 teachers at Hillcrest and 1 teacher at Revere Middle School.  The kits are part of the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District Education Department.

DONATED – RCSPA donated 16 large dissecting trays to the Revere High School Science Department.  Dec. 2010.

THANK  YOU!  to Bath Volunteers for Service (BVS) for a 2012 grant to support the NXT Robotics programs.

Engineering Club – RMS – see Revere Schools “Flyer Central” :  February and March, 2012

Rubber Band Contest – have a great rubber band innovation in art, leisure, science or technology? You can win up to $5,000 Savings Bond. Check out the contest hosted by Akron Global Polymer Acadamy of the University Akron at The website has complete rules and last year’s winners. Or go to Revere Schools website at Fly”R” Central for more information.


Bath Elementary Builders Club is back for 2011-2012 School Year.  See Revere Schools website at Fly”R” Central for the official flier.

ODYSSEY OF THE MIND – Odyssey of the Mind teams are forming at Bath. We are in need of parent coaches. If interested please contact Kim Klippel at .

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) 2011 SEASON has started.  There are 5 Revere Middle School teams working on The Robotic field challange and Food Factor research challange.  The Regional tournament will be in December, District Tournament will be at Univ. of Akron on Jan. 13 & 14, 2012 and the State Tournament is in Dayton on Feb. 3 & 4, 2012.  Good luck to all 5 teams.  For more information on the FLL international organization  go to

Bath Elementary Builders Club Pictures

Hillcrest Elementary STEM Science Day – Structural Engineering.  Jan. 13, 14 2011.

The Hillcrest PTA, Staff, and RCSPA have joined efforts to introduce 1st-3rd Grade Students to structural engineering.  Students will be creating 3-D marshmallow structures, building cup towers, building straw bridges, testing tube strength, and creating their own LEGO structures. Call Jill Seifert, President of the Hillcrest PTA for more information or to help out. .
REVERE MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD – Starts Nov. 17th see Ms. Haller or Mrs. Hurley at Revere Middle School for more information.  Or go to

RUBBERBAND CONTEST – Students in grades 5-8 can submit an invention using rubber bands to the Rubber Band Contest hosted by the Akron Global Polymer Academy of The University of Akron.  Inventions must be original and the sole work of the student.  For complete check out this flyer…….Rubberband Contest Details

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE(FLL) – Revere Middle School Grades 6-8 . 40 Revere Middle School students, 5 teams are up and running.  Teams meet Tuesdays and Thursdays August 31- early December from 2:45-4:45.  Organizers: Julie and Larry Nitzsche;

  • Robotics (plan, build and perform missions for points), Teamwork, Research real world problems, Develop and Present innovative solutions, Compete at a sportslike tournament

Take a look at our RMS students at the District FLL competition!  Great job teams!



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